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Cabins are ideal for worker accomodation or just extra room for visitors and family

Single room 10m2 (4.2L x 2.4W) Cabin

  • Timber framed

  • Fully insulated

  • New Quality Aluminium Joinery

  • Exterior lined with Treated ply Shadowclad

  • Interior Plywood

  • Zincalume Roofing

  • Electrical Install with COC

  • Doesnt require a building consent (some conditions)

  • Built in Ramarama, South Auckland and delivered to your property

  • Priced from $9700 icl gst + transport


Optional extras

  • Double glazing

  • Colour steel instead of zincalume

  • Colour steel front wall lining

  • Deck with Verandah Roof

  • Painted

  • Extra electrical components

  • Can be finished to any stage 

Larger Cabins

  • 7.2 m x 3.0m with small kitchen and ensuite. Other configurations available

  • Building consent required unless built on a trailer.

  • Price from $30,000


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