Garage Construction

Can a Shed Body be Used for Cabin Construction?

There are several videos on YouTube about people using sheds as a basis for cabin construction. In some cases, they show it being done as a DIY project, while in others, professionals are brought in to upgrade the shed. Does this work in real life?

As with most unconventional things, it's best to start with a definition of "works." If the goal is to get an inexpensive cabin where things like insulation level and overall sturdiness are not big concerns, then yes, it works. However, if your idea of cabin construction is more like "house" construction, you will likely find that the amount of upgrading required makes it more cost-effective to just use regular home construction methods.

When a shed company is called on to do cabin construction, it will make several upgrades to its normal shed design. Some insulation is added, and interior wall finishing is put on. Depending on the specifications requested, wiring and plumbing may be added as well. However, many people who really go the shed-to-cabin route use their cabins as shelters on hunting land, and these are usually "rustic" – that is, without wiring and plumbing.

Using a shed as a basis for garage construction is typically simpler. Cars don't care if the walls are finished or if the building is insulated. However, the humans working on them may appreciate some insulation, so don't dismiss it. Garage construction, on the other hand, typically does include electrical wiring, outlets, and light fixtures. That makes it so that the people working inside can see what they're doing even when the doors are closed or it's nighttime. It also makes it easy to plug in any power tools needed.